Weight loss has been a hot topic for quite some time now. Dietitians, nutritionists, health enthusiasts, fitness experts, and other wellness professionals, come up with tips and techniques of their own to help people lose weight effectively. However, the internet is overflowing with articles, diet plans, and exercise routines claiming to provide “magical” results in just a short period, without any scientific evidence to back their efficacy. Over the years, scientists have discovered many ways that contribute to weight loss and keep the body fit and healthy. Here we have shared a few of the most important ones:

Use Smaller Plates

Cornell University study has shown that changing from the usual plates to smaller plates can help people reduce the amount of portion sizes they consume in a day. Portion control is very important for healthy eating and losing weight. Reducing your food intake by using smaller plates sure works like a charm for weight control! This is because eating from a smaller plate could lower your calorie intake significantly.

Amount of Sleep Matters… a Lot

Sleep has always been one of the bedrocks of effective weight loss and fitness programs. It is just as important as exercising and eating healthy. A research has shown that poor sleeping habits are directly related to obesity, increasing 55 percent risk of obesity in adults and 89 percent in children.

Do Aerobic Exercises

Popularly known as ‘cardio’, aerobic exercises is one of the best ways to quickly burn calories, and improve your mental and physical health. It is especially effective for melting belly fat, as cardio exercises tend to speed up your metabolism and break down fat content to source energy for supporting the additional strain on your body.

Added Sugar is Your Worst Enemy

Sugar still tops the list of being the worst ingredient in any kind of diet. Despite knowing the harmful effects, most people consume way too much sugar. Several studies have shown that regular sugar consumption leads to high risk of obesity, as well as many other chronic diseases, such as cardiovascular problems, type 2 diabetes, and others. Just cutting back on added sugar can significantly help you in losing weight.

These are just a few useful tips backed by science that will help you lose weight quickly and effectively, without having to go out of your way with difficult diet plans and exercise regimens. You can also opt for an online coaching program to get expert advice and scientifically-proven weight loss tips and techniques.