The quick answer: Yes, it is possible!

But – yes, there is always a ‘but’ to all too-good-to-be true things – you will have to follow some ground rules to ensure you are doing it right. The key here is to use the right approach i.e. consuming a limited calorie diet and tying it up with some physical exercise.

Keeping the Balance

Portion control – these two little words can help you achieve your weight loss goals, while you get to eat everything you like. The logic behind it is simple: When you eat in smaller portions, you reduce the amount of fat, carbs, and calories that goes into your body. It also helps your metabolism process food quickly and easily, allowing it to convert all that you have eaten into energy.

Go for the Healthier Substitutes

Not all your favorite foods will have substitutes, but whenever possible, use healthier ingredients to prevent adding inches to your waist. For example, try scrambled or poached eggs instead of fried eggs, pick fat-free cheese over regular cheese, or use skimmed milk rather than whole milk. Making these small, subtle changes can bring about a big difference, keeping your body from gaining weight without compromising on the foods you love.

Eat When You Really are Hungry

Are you nervous or stressed out about something? Do you feel hungry at odd times? Some people eat to satisfy certain triggers. You need to distinguish between thinking you are hungry and when you really are hungry.

Try drinking water for odd-time appetite calls, as it can help you avoid eating till it’s time for your next meal. Moreover, cut off any distractions when eating to focus on colors, flavors, and textures of your food, allowing you to enjoy it more and keeping you from mindlessly overeating.

As you can see, it is the little things that have the power to bring about a big change. If you need professional assistance in keeping the balance in your diet, you should consider joining an online weight loss and wellness coaching program. Refuge Health has expert weight loss coaches who help people meet their goals in a way that makes the entire experience joyful and hassle-free.