If you think sticking to the deprivation diet and rigorously working out at the gym is the best way to lose weight permanently, you are a bit off track. This regimen may work like a charm for many people, but the results are likely to be short-lived, not to mention the difficulty you would face in keeping up with it for a long time.

Losing weight should not be about taking big leaps – it should be about making small changes to your lifestyle that you can easily follow for the rest of your life. So, what kind of lifestyle changes should you opt for to lose weight and keep it from coming back?

Here are a few habits you can develop to achieve your weight loss goals:

While Eating

Stop at ‘Almost’ Full: Don’t feel obligated to clean your plate. When your brain signals that you are almost full, stop right there. This will allow you to establish a diet comprising of small portions.

Eat Slowly and Without any Distractions: It is easy to unintentionally overeat when you are too consumed with watching TV, checking your phone, or working. Pay attention to your food, eat it slowly, and try to shun any other activity so that you know how much you are eating.

How to Keep Yourself Motivated

Keep your Pace Slow and Steady: There is no such thing as losing weight fast. And even if there is some miracle technique or diet plan out there, it won’t provide you with permanent results. Prepare your mind that it is going to take some time, and you need to stay focused. For example, aim for losing a pound or two a week.

Track your Progress: Fitness trackers, smartphone apps, or even a weight loss journal can help you in keeping track of your progress. Seeing that your weight loss regimen is giving measurable results can boost your motivation level.

Sleep: This one is generic, but still very important. Make sure you get plenty of sleep so that your hunger pangs stay in control and don’t force you to munch on snack at odd times.

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