Refuge Health corporate program is available to fit the needs of small, medium, and large businesses. Refuge Health corporate health program is a strategic investment to help employees’ live healthier lives, be more productive and reduce employers’ healthcare and insurance costs.

Refuge Health provides customized program to fit the needs of employees and their company’s budget at a discounted rate from our individual pricing. Our corporate program includes various tools to assess each employee’s current state of health, including several health and fitness risk assessments and a review of each employee’s health history.


Each employee will get a recommended action plan for various needs relevant to general weight loss, healthy nutrition, physical activity, mental wellness and stress management.

Employees can also stay on top of their health through our online health tracker and motivational tools to keep them interested as well as promote healthy lifestyle changes.


Refuge Health corporate program is focused around the areas of most concern to your company and our program is set up to provide education, coaching, and support to help your employees reach and maintain their health goals.

Employees will receive Refuge Health weekly online coaching at deeply discounted rates.

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